Craig Turp, | Thousands took part in Moldovan anti-government protest. Protesters were calling for Mr Plahotniuc to be jailed


Tens of thousands of supporters of Moldova鈥檚 opposition parties protested in the country鈥檚 capital Chi葯in膬u on August 26 against the government of prime minister Pavel Filip. The demonstration was organised by the protest movment ACUM, set up by the pro-European Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), the Dignity and Truth Platform, and the Liberal Democrat Party in Moldova, following the annulment of Andrei Nastase鈥檚 victory in the Chi葯in膬u mayoral election in June. The protesters adopted a proclamation calling for the resignation of Mr Filip, who they claim is responsible for lower standards of living, and for isolating Moldova internationally.

鈥淲e will send a petition to the European Union calling on European institutions to do all they can to ensure that all those people in Moldova who are implicated in money laundering are brought to justice,鈥 said Maia Sandu, the leader of PAS, in a speech at the protest.

Ms Sanda was referring to the banking scandal of 2014, when more than one billion US dollars disappeared from three Moldovan banks: Banca de Economii, Unibank and Banca Social膬, for which only a handful of low-level officials have so far been charged.

鈥淢any of our young people have been forced to leave the country. We have not come here to protest because we enjoy it, but because we can no longer tolerate being lied to by this corrupt regime,鈥 added Ms Sandu.

鈥淚t is time for this government to resign,鈥 said Mr Nastase, leader of the Dignity and Truth Party, who also spoke at the event.

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