Mayor of Moldovan city was sentenced to 7.5 years for fraud and money laundering; remains free pending his appeal.

Election results in Moldova on Monday showed Israeli-born Moldavian businessman Ilan Shor, convicted in 2017 for money laundering, fraud and abuse of confidence, elected to Moldova’s parliament.

ACUM party leader Maia Sandu told The Associated Press that the election was “the most undemocratic in the history of Moldova.” “A gang of thieves … has captured the state institutions” and are “scaring … threatening and impoverishing us,” Sandu said Sunday as she urged Moldovans to vote.

In the election, the broadly pro-Russia opposition Socialists won 31.5 percent, while the pro-European group ACUM won 25.9 percent. The incumbent Democratic Party was trailing in third place with 24.1%.

Before the election, Shor insisted corruption was Moldova’s most pressing issue, despite having been convicted in a fraud case local media dubbed “the crime of the century.”

Shor, 31, was handed a 7.5-year jail term in 2017 for money laundering, fraud and abuse of confidence. But he remains free pending his appeal — and was eligible to run for office in the weekend’s parliamentary election…

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