The Guardian : Moldova PM rules out reunification with Romania. Pavel Filip opposed to tie-up with neighbour despite growing calls for countries to unite


Moldova鈥檚 government has ruled out reunification with Romania despite a surge in demands for the two countries to unite.

The prime minister, Pavel Filip, said Moldova鈥檚 place was as a sovereign state, independent of Romania. 鈥淭oo much has been said about reunification, identity, language and I want to look at the concrete development of the country,鈥 he told the Guardian.

鈥淎ll those problems that are sentiment related should be left for better times.鈥

A pro-unification rally in Moldova鈥檚 capital, Chi葯in膬u, last month attended by 10,000 people, including the former Romanian president Traian B膬sescu.

Premierul Republicii Moldova, Pavel Filip, exclude o reunificare a 牛膬rii sale cu Rom芒nia, 卯n ciuda 卯nmul牛irii apelurilor la unire, dar spune c膬 cele dou膬 state vor fi „卯mpreun膬” 卯n Uniunea European膬, relateaz膬 vineri The Guardian 卯n edi牛ia sa online.

脦ntr-un interviu pentru cotidianul britanic realizat cu ocazia unei vizite la Bruxelles, Pavel Filip a spus c膬 locul Republicii Moldova este ca stat suveran, independent de Rom芒nia.

„S-a vorbit prea mult despre reunificare, identitate, limb膬, iar eu vreau s膬 m膬 uit la dezvoltarea concret膬 a 牛膬rii”, a declarat el pentru The Guardian.

„Toate aceste probleme sentimentale ar trebui l膬sate pentru vremuri mai bune”, a ad膬ugat el, prezic芒nd c膬 Republica Moldova va fi „卯mpreun膬” cu Rom芒nia 卯n Uniunea European膬. „La sf芒r艧itul mandatului meu, vom vedea c膬 acest drum spre UE nu va mai fi discutabil, ci ireversibil”, a subliniat el. (

Romania鈥檚 parliament casted a symbolic vote for reunification and MPs said they would welcome any such move by Moldova. The events were timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Moldova joining the then kingdom of Greater Romania.

A former head of a tobacco company, Filip aspires to bring Moldova into the European Union. The former Soviet territory, the poorest country in Europe, lags far its behind neighbours 鈥 including Romania, which joined the EU in 2007. Nevertheless he predicted: 鈥淲e will be together with Romania in the EU.鈥

His opposition to reunification is shared by a majority of Moldovans, although 32% support joining Romania, according to a recent poll.

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